Vote for John Lesko, ILC-nominated Candidate for International Director - Region 7

John Lesko, DTM PRA

John Lesko, DTM PRA

Why? John is …

  • READY — He has experience both in and outside of Toastmasters that has prepared him to serve as an International Director.

  • WILLING — He listens to our members as a servant leader and weighs the many diverse points of view to find the best solution for all.

  • ABLE — He works well with others and has a proven record in strategic planning, budget oversight, and policy development.

He cares about you, the member, and challenges you to:

Be Brave. Be Bold. Blaze Your Trail.


Our Core Values

  • INTEGRITY — “a promise of undeviating honesty and commitment”

  • RESPECT — “treating all members as equals; honoring our diversity”

  • SERVICE — “work given selflessly to help, aid, and comfort another”

  • EXCELLENCE — “superior performance; always striving to do better.”

You’ve seen these values listed time and again in our literature. The “quotes” above indicate why these are important to me and to our organization.

Join us on a path to Toastmastery.

Join us on a path to Toastmastery.


International Directors

  • Uphold the mission of Toastmasters International and serve as ambassadors

  • Develop organizational strategy and policies, and ensure their implementation

  • Approve and oversee the budget and financial matters

  • Incorporate member needs into organizational decisions

  • Handle significant member disciplinary matters

John promises to fulfill these duties and to serve you as a friendly guide. Let’s blaze our future paths together.

I genuinely believe that the best solutions to our current and future challenges will be found working collaboratively. Let’s stay on course, maintain a sense of humor, and co-create a better future.
“Of course, I know the definition of   pro bono  . Good grief.”

“Of course, I know the definition of pro bono. Good grief.”

Please share your questions, thoughts, and concerns by clicking on the “Schedule an Interview” page. We hope you also subscribe to John’s blog as he shares insights, links, tips, and tools for your future success.