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A Riff on the Concept of BRAND PERSONALITY

In preparing for this campaign, researching what it takes to be a successful International Director, printing and studying the International Officers and Directors Handbook, seeking the counsel of past directors and past officers, and then going to the convention in Chicago to interview the 2018 crop of candidates … Well, I’ve surely learned a lot.

For example, while studying the official Toastmasters International Brand Manual — in anticipation of creating my website and this blog — I learned about a new concept called a brand personality. Hmmm. What is a brand personality? People have their own — somewhat unique — personalities. What might others say of my personality?

Would they say, John Lesko is … 

  • a leader … I have served at the club level in every officer role and within my district in nearly all offices.

  • dedicated … When asked, “How long have you been a Toastmaster?” My standard answer is, “Obviously, not long enough.”

  • helpful … Rarely do I catch myself saying “no” to a request for help made by another Toastmasters. Perhaps this is a skill or talent I need to diplomatically develop.

  • empowering … I do believe in mission-type orders or sharing guidance rather than detailed instructions. More that once I’ve been surprised by the creativity of others largely because I’ll suggest what needs done rather than to micro-manage or tell another how to specifically accomplish a task.

Well, enough on that Table Topic. Please do post a comment or send me a note via the CONTACT page. I promise to read every reply and approve them if they get the nod or approval by the moderator.

And if you have ideas for future blog posts, do share them.

Yours in service,