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To throw your hat in the ring

I’m pretty certain I don't want to literally fight anyone. But earlier today I learned that my “letter of intent” to become a candidate for international director was approved.

Throw Your Hat in the Ring — Its Meaning

Definition: To volunteer oneself to take part in an activity; to challenge someone [or yourself] in an activity.

Origin of Throw Your Hat into the Ring: This expression comes from the sport of boxing. In the past, if a person wanted to fight, he could throw his hat into the boxing ring. This let the referee know he wanted to challenge another person in the boxing match.

In other words, at one point this wasn’t an idiom at all, and it had a literal meaning where someone would throw his or her hat into the boxing ring.

It’s time to get busy.

  • There’s a campaign team to recruit.

  • A campaign strategy — or “training plan” — to create.

  • Speeches to write and rehearse.

  • And I guess I’d better get started on that “road work.”



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To throw your hat in the ring

… is the first step. Next comes all the work.