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As one of the ILC-nominated Candidates for International Director, I’ve been visiting districts within Region 7 during this winter’s club officer training season. And because club officer training is about — well, club officer training — I’ve focused primarily on presenting a leadership elective entitled: “Discover Your Genius.” This workshop has been well received and many attendees have actually thanked me for visiting them and/or they’ve ordered a copy of my book upon which this workshop is based. You see, I believe there’s a bit of genius in us all. But that’s a topic for another time. I digress …

Inevitably, there’s always one person who corners me during a break or at the coffee bar to ask, “So why do you want to serve as an international director?” Here’s my official answer …

“Several years ago after surviving a heart attack and successfully completing cardiac rehabilitation, I decided to re-invent myself. I went back to school, became a professional certified coach, and resolved that for the remaining days I have on this earth I would do my best to help others become their very best. If we aspire to truly empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders, then I believe my personal mission aligns quite nicely with the Toastmasters International mission.”

Yes, that’s a bit long-winded. Sorry, I’m a DTM (Don’t Time Me). Here’s the short answer …

“I want to serve. I want to help others become their very best. I believe my life’s mission is aligned with the mission of Toastmasters International.”

So what’s your why? I challenge you to share your story with the world and help inspire others!

Toastmasters International wants to hear your story. It could motivate others to join the path to maximizing their potential. There’s a #MyWhy-campaign that’s on-going and detailed instructions on the TI-website on how to contribute to this campaign. Everyone’s story is unique. Are you ready to motivate the next wave of Toastmasters?

I am.

Join me on the path to ToastMASTERY! … And, “Yes, I need your vote at the convention in Denver.”

To lead is to serve and to serve is to lead. That’s my WHY.

To lead is to serve and to serve is to lead. That’s my WHY.

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