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Q: What's more powerful than Dragon's Breath? A: Toastmasters.

Learned all about breaching barriers in the Army, but never have I seen the power of dragon’s breath! Fire that destroys stone?! Hmmm, we need more STEM instruction in our schools, yes?

Reportedly, our founder Ralph C. Smedley once said that joining Toastmasters was like enrolling into a college course for all that members learn from their fellow members. How might we improve the educational experience of today’s youth? How might we enhance the general knowledge of our members and by extension the know how of our communities?

Hosting a Speechcraft and/or launching a Youth Leadership Program directly extend the network of potential members and future clubs. I think this is an outstanding outcome which the Pathways program has brought to all who aspire to become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

What other strategic partnerships and promotional opportunities do you think our board of International Directors should consider and TI WHQs should investigate?

Please post a comment if you’ve ideas on how to have these ideas “catch fire.”