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17 and counting ...

While campaigning in one of the districts in Region 7, a past district governor commented and then asked, “I like your tie. How many countries have you actually visited?”

I replied, “Thank you.” But his question caught me off guard as I hadn’t paused to identify the country of origin for the flags woven into the material. Not to be stymied I replied, “I don’t actually know. But I’ll get back to you ASAP with the answer.”

So what’s the bottom line?

Seventeen and counting.

I have no idea how many new countries I’ll be able to visit should our members elect me to serve as an International Director. But don’t be surprised when your club is called and you hear, “I’m traveling and found your club meets tomorrow. Is there a role I might play in your meeting? Could you make a little time for me to speak as a guest? Or perhaps you’ll at least call on me during Table Topics.”

I’m curious … How many countries have you visited? What are some of your favorite stories as a Traveling Toastmaster? Please, comment here or post your stories to social media. We are truly a global organization and we’ve oh-so-much to share.