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Discover Your GeNiUS ... Choose Your Path ... Blaze Your Trail

As a member of Toastmasters International, you’re encouraged to …

  • Discover Your GeNiUS

  • Choose Your Path, and

  • Blaze Your Trail.

I believe that there’s a bit of genius in each and everyone of us. Leaders must look for ways to help our members identify their talents, natural gifts, and abilities. We can do this using any number of psychometric assessments or skills inventories. We might also encourage our members to maintain copies of their speech project evaluations in their documents file found with their educational transcript in Pathways.

Pathways allows for each of our members to explore their chosen path and develop their communication and leadership skills which are best aligned with their personal and professional goals. Participate in the Pathways mentorship program to enrich your learning journey. Tailor your development and seek feedback from a mentor or master-mind group.

Be brave. Be bold. Blaze your trail. Become the learner and leader which you were made to be. Your genius, your chooses, and your drive & ambition will combine to super-charge your progress.

NOTE: If you’ve read this little essay and agree, drop me an e-mail or post a comment. Share with me your story in Toastmasters. How has your life been enriched through your membership?

Slide #1 of 20 used at the District 27 TLI in Waldorf, MD.

Slide #1 of 20 used at the District 27 TLI in Waldorf, MD.